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No doubt about it – outdoor environments are exposed to the elements. Beyond the beating sun, balconies, patios and other outdoor spaces are exposed to rain, often wind driven, or in copious volumes. Without provisioning for this, water would make its way into adjoining indoor spaces.

There are a number of ways to prevent water ingress, among the available option include balcony and threshold drainage systems. A relatively new product, threshold drainage offers a number of advantages over traditional measures for this purpose.


Water making its way into indoor spaces is problematic. Besides the risk of accidents, such as slips and falls, long-term pooled water can create crevices and cracks, compromising structural integrity of the space.

To avoid this problem, outdoor spaces were traditionally stepped down from indoor spaces. This itself is not with problems, stepping down at a doorway increases the risk of trips and falls.

In order to meet the provisions of AS1428, step downs are often eliminated. This is where threshold drainage solutions come in.

Threshold drains are a linear drainage system that is installed alongside doors that separate indoor and outdoor spaces. Integrated into a door track itself, threshold drainage systems can be used with any type of door – sliding, bifolding or hinged doors. The beauty of threshold drains is that the both prevent water ingress by draining it away, all the while ensuring a level transition between the two spaces.

All our threshold drainage systems are Australian made, by us, in accordance with Australian standards.


Another outdoor space that receives a lot of rain water is a balcony. Water throughput at a balcony can be high, especially when there is no roof cover. If you are designing a balcony where you are expecting a high-water throughput, consider installing another linear drain at the far side of the balcony, sloping away from the door.


At Paige Stainless, we manufacture a range of standard products that are suitable for threshold drainage and balcony drainage. However, as the manufacturer, we have the capacity to custom fabricate and excel in delivering on niche requests. We can custom-make drainage solutions suited for a range of architectural and landscape styles, including custom dimensions and curved linear grates.

We offer three distinct grate styles to compliment your design palette and functional requirements. Our grate styles include heelgaurd wedgewire, perforated pattern grates, and tile insert grates.

Heelgaurd wedgewire is the stalwart of civil drainage. This grate style is designed to prevent toe entrapment, thanks to its narrow drainage openings. This grate style is as durable as it is sleek in its design.

Tile insert grates are an extremely popular option for those looking for a discreet and effective drainage style that showcases the surrounding flooring.

Perforated grates are a decorative and simpler construction of laser cut and folded stainless steel sheeting, preferred for the budget market.


Our material of choice is stainless steel, a material that ensures our products meet high-end luxury aesthetics, while delivering on durability. Stainless steel is also corrosion resistant and easy to clean, ensuring that high hygiene standards are easily maintained.

We choose only high quality 304 and 316 grade stainless, fabricated according to our strict standards for design and construction.

For more information call Paige Stainless today!

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