At Paige Stainless Fabrications, we offer a custom-design service, so that no matter the situation, we have the solution. We service the hospitality industry, from bars and restaurants to hotels and casinos, providing custom fabrication to meet any need.

The fast-paced, ever-changing nature of the hospitality sector means you need quality products that won’t let you down. At Paige, we understand this, and believe functionality doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Our hand crafted, ASSDA accredited stainless steel products bring a touch of elegance and sleek simplicity to every business, while being easy to clean and meeting industry OH&S requirements.


We have manufactured Heelguard grating to the architectural industry for over twenty years, and are industry leaders when it comes to floor grates and entry mats.

Floor grates are increasingly becoming the choice for discerning architects, engineers and builders, not only for their drainage properties, but as partial or complete flooring solutions. Their unique qualities make them ideal for high-traffic areas, providing a safe, well-drained and aesthetically pleasing experience.

As the first thing customers see, your entry mat can be a visual statement, and we can help you to make it one. More than just obligatory drainage, we can provide a design that welcomes people with style and comfort. Our PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD® technology is durable and long lasting, hygienic and wheelchair friendly. Aside from being safe for high heels, we also supply slip resistant finishes, to minimise the risk of painful accidents!


Paige Stainless Steel’s linear drainage grates provide effortless drainage solutions that meet the demands of busy areas. For 21 years, we have studied the art of drainage design and have developed systems that suit both commercial and outdoor spaces.
Our PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® technology provides superior water flow, whilst maintaining unique design characteristics. Our wedge-wire gratings are adaptable to any space, whether it is a commercial kitchen, a public bathroom (including urinals), or outdoor areas.

Environmental factors are key when thinking about drainage, and as well as using only the highest quality, GreenTag certified materials, our systems filter the water by only allowing small particles through, thus keeping larger material out of your drain pipes, and our waterways.


As well as floor grates and entry mats, we have been commissioned by architects and engineers alike to create staircases, treads and handrails that help distinguish your business and fulfil its design potential. LED strip lighting can also be implemented for stunning visual effect, from small drain lighting to public water features.

We also custom design tree grates and water feature gates, ensuring your business is fully supported, both outside and in.

A lot of factors go into determining the right solution for your business, and we can assist in designing the perfect fit, that meets your practical requirements, while adding an artistic touch.

As an Australian owned, family company we work closely with you to ensure every need is met. Crafted from the highest quality materials that are long lasting, sleek and easy to clean, our stainless steel provides value for money alongside stunning visual appeal. Let Paige Stainless Steel help to bring your business to the forefront of quality, performance and design! Contact us now!


Water Features

Our water features make public spaces a destination! For councils, artists, architects, designers, and beyond...

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Tree Grates

Crucial for councils and landscapers. Our custom tree grates are the safe and functional alternative to open soil space or concrete.

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Tile Inserts

Our tile inserts are also stylish and modern, perfect for keeping smooth lines of tiles, marble, slate or any other surface.

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Pool Grates

Custom stainless steel pool grating – the functional and aesthetic choice! Curved, round grates, coloured, even gold plated.

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Linear Surface Water Drainage

Paige Stainless has been pioneering the design and development of linear surface water drainage throughout your city, parks, shopping centers, and throughout your home and garden.

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Slip Resistant Heelguard

PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® slip resistant grating is an innovative grating system designed for public areas.

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Floor Grates and Entry Mats

Our floor grates and entry mats spar the imaginations of architects and designers alike. Functioning and aesthetically appealing.

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Wedgewire Grates

Stainless steel wedgewire linear shower grates: Evolved from being a strictly industrial product to a residential favorite.

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Shower Grates

We specialise in custom shower grates in any length, width and shape, including curved or faceted designs. Available in a range of styles.

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Custom Grates

Custom Grates – Explore Infinite possibilities with Paige Stainless Fabrications! From custom drainage solutions to floor gratings and more.

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Grate Lights

Grate Lights : Linear strip lighting adds atmosphere to spaces where linear drains are applied - bathrooms, gardens and beyond!

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Architectural Heelgaurd stair treads for unique staircase design. Custom hand rails also available to complement your design.

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