Simple straightforward silhouettes, organic shapes, flawless fabrications, and an emphasis on functionality are hallmarks of Paige Stainless Fabrication’s projects. Aligned for aesthetic splendour, we group artistic elements and industrial functionality to create products that are on-trend and stylish.

Our products can be seen amongst some of the most exclusive accommodation providers, used to materialise the architect’s vision, from the exterior of the building, right down to the shower floor.


Linear wedge wire grating has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to its efficient drainage capabilities, functionality, and of course, its aesthetic appeal.
Stainless steel linear grates can be used for a number of applications within hotels and apartments for functionality that does not compromise, but rather complement, the surrounding design. Our linear drainage grates can be found in hotel bathrooms, alongside pools and a number of other applications, both indoor and outdoor.


Perhaps the most obvious of linear grate application is within the shower or bathroom. Our custom stainless steel grates for showers are not only available in a choice of wedgewire, perforated metal or tile insert style, but they also are available in a number of finishes. Including plated, printed or coloured – a great medium for expressing the designer’s vision!


Paige Stainless’ linear grating is also a practical choice for pool decks, and again, with Paige’s innovative design you do not have to choose function over aesthetics. Our grates are designed to complement the pool and its surroundings, while performing as a quality drainage product.

Our pool grates are fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel, ensuring a corrosion-resistant product with the durability, longevity, and maintenance of its appearance; long-term in the otherwise challenging environment of a pool deck. Commonly our linear pool channel grates are paired with wedgewire grating, or tile insert grating, for a more discrete drainage solution.

Custom linear pool grates can be applied to pools, no matter the shape, they can be long, and they need not be straight – round pools, kidney shaped pools, lap pools, horizon pools, and so forth.


Our driveway grates offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution to driveway drainage. Suitable for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, our surface water drainage grates blend seamlessly, and are even showcased, in some of the country’s most prestigious venues.

For an even more dramatic entrance our heelguard driveway grates can be curved in their profile, or paired with LED grate lights for added warmth or ambience.


Beyond pool decks and driveways, our linear grates can be applied wherever surface water drainage is required. Including rooftops, around water features, on balconies (including at the balcony threshold), amidst landscaping, in courtyards, and outdoor dining spaces.

The outdoor versatility of our stainless-steel range and the ability to custom design the fit means you will always be guaranteed of a product that functions with industrial efficiency but has the look of crafted elegance. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel our durable Australian made grates are corrosion and impact resistant making them the functional choice for harsh outdoor environments.


Grated flooring surfaces are probably not the most obvious choice for exclusive hotel constructions, however, unlike traditional forms of floor grating which are industrial in their applications, heelguard stainless steel is architectural.

Possessing qualities of drainage, stainless steel floor grating can be applied as an entry mat solution (perfect for high traffic areas such as lobby entrances), for dramatic architectural staircases, mezzanine floors, or even raised walkways and platforms on the grounds of ecotourism venues, a natural product meandering gently through the natural environment.


At Paige Stainless we specialise in custom systems. We work with our customers from design through to installation to ensure that they receive the ideal product for their needs and requirements, as well as aesthetic preferences.

With a commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship, our products have featured in a number of prestigious projects including the ‘Aquatique’ in Sydney Star’s Foyer and Florida’s USA Pavilion showcasing the quality engineering and visual elegance of our work.

Contact us today to find out how your exclusive hotel or apartment construction can be supported and enhanced by our architectural stainless steel grating and drainage products.


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Architectural Heelgaurd stair treads for unique staircase design. Custom hand rails also available to complement your design.

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