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In the context of an Australian home environment, water is needed in multiple spaces. Kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, showers, and toilets are examples of indoor spaces that are fitted out with a dedicated water supply. Outdoors, front yards, and back yards are often fitted out with their own water outlets. Whenever a space is fitted out with a water supply unit, it is good practice that a drainage solution accompanies it. Also, outdoor home spaces which receive a lot of rainwater benefit greatly from drainage solutions.

When designed properly, drainage solutions function to remove excess water from the space. Efficiently removing water from a space reduces the risk of falls, slips, and other water-related accidents. In short, properly designed and installed drainage solutions make wet areas in the home safe, useable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Today there are hundreds of drainage products out there that enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space, whilst ensuring safe operations.

At Paige Stainless, we are proud to present a range of products that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements noted above. Each of our products complies with the requirements of the Australian standards and national construction code.

We only offer the best products, our confidence is based on the fact that we rely on stainless steel as our material of choice. This material lends itself to superior design and construction outcomes, as well as long-term aesthetic appeal! The material properties of stainless steel ensure that our products are strong & sleek, durable, non-corrosive, scratch-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean & maintain.


Our team is highly qualified and adept in offering design-specific technical information to ensure that there is a smooth transition across the design and construction process. We offer quality advice in determining which product will be best suited to your design requirements, and, should you require a bespoke solution, we ensure that your design ideas see the light of the day and come alive, ticking all the boxes along the way.


When it comes to drainage systems for the household, outside of point drains, we have a large range of standard linear drainage products to choose from, available in set lengths, widths, and depths, with options of grate style.

When it comes to shower grates, our standard sizes are as follow:

  • 100mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep (ideal for the renovator)
  • 100mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 100mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 900mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1200mm long x 25mm deep
  • 75mm wide x 1500mm long x 25mm deep

Shower, indoor and balcony grates are available in three different drain cover styles:

Beyond singular channel drains, we offer the ultimate in flexible linear drainage solutions with our flagship product, CLICK DRAIN®. This modular drainage system accommodates a plethora of drainage configurations, installed with the ease and convenience of “click-together” components. It is the ideal choice for backyards, driveways, pool decks and any number of domestic applications where longer channels are needed and/or angles are required. Learn more about CLICK DRAIN® here…


A Paige Stainless, it is in our custom fabrication that we shine! Our industrial process is highly customizable, meaning that we can entertain special orders to cater to unique or special requirements, functional or aesthetic.

Beyond offering a range of finishes, including platedcoloured, and printed grates, our facility at Caboolture can manufacture linear grates or strip drains in any length, width, and shape. We can also manufacture curved and/or faceted designs. Each of these can be designed to take care of throughput and maintain the hydraulic performance standards that have been specified in your design.

Our team is highly qualified and adept in offering design-specific technical information to ensure that there is a smooth transition across the design and construction process. We offer quality advice in determining which product will be best suited to your design requirements, and, should you require a bespoke solution, we ensure that your design ideas see the light of the day and come alive, ticking all the boxes along the way.


We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated family company. From its conception in 1993, Paige Stainless has expanded to being the `’light house’ for supply in the heelguard wedge wire drainage market. So be assured that when you pick up that phone and call, we will be there to help.

Here is just a sample of how we can satisfy your domestic drainage needs:

At Paige Stainless we manufacture a range of standard linear and point drains for the shower, bathroom and beyond! Our linear grates include wedgewire, perforated pattern grates and tile insert floor wastes.

Available in a range of finishes, bespoke solutions do not end there with custom fabrications being our speciality.

Our stainless steel grates offer a discrete drainage solution, allowing your featured tile to shine!

This drain cover style is ideal for any tiled space including showers, bathrooms, laundries and balconies. Tile insert solutions are available for threshold systems and pool grates.

An oldie but a goodie. Our take on this traditional drain cover style is stainless steel, a durable and attractive alternative to cheap and nasty iterations.

Available in tile insert or perforated pattern style, our point drains are ideal for renovations where you are replacing a pre-existing point drain, be it in a bathroom, laundry, toilet etc.

If you live in an area with high rainfall or have an undulating garden whereby water tends to make its way into areas, or stay, where it is unwanted, then you will be familiar with the concept of garden drainage! We offer a range of solutions for drainage in gardens, as well as pools, paths, patios and driveway.

Our modular drainage system, CLICK DRAIN®, as well as our sump grates are among our solutions for the front and backyard.

Pools come in a range of different shapes and sizes and our linear drainage systems can accommodate them all! With a specialisation in custom fabrication, we can create curved linear grates to surround the rounded contours of your pool /spa circumference.

Wedgewire grates, fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel, offer a favourable option for pool deck grates, however, if your design preferences tend towards a more discrete drainage option, similarly, tile insert assemblies are available.

To further create a pool area oasis, we can help you conceal unsightly pumps underground with our infill access covers.

Slippery driveways provide a hazardous surface that, over time, can become an unsightly one! Eliminate these risks with a Paige Stainless linear driveway grate.

Unlike many other products in this market, stainless steel drainage grates provide a durable, attractive and UV stable solution that will not deteriorate and fail over time.

If first impressions matter to you, then our driveway grates are the choice for you!

If your place of residence is multi-story, or you dwell in an apartment, you are probably familiar with balcony drainage, however, threshold drainage may be new to you.

Threshold drainage solutions are a unique take on a linear drain, installed in conjunction with your door to create a waterproof threshold as well as a level plane.

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No one else has manufactured Heelguard to the Architectural Industry for over 20 years to the Australian Design Standard!

  • 100% Australian Owned.
  • Material selection covering grade 304 & 316.
  • Certification available upon request.
  • Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)
  • Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)
  • Grates Aligned to Aust / NZ standards for LOAD RATING.
  • Grates aligned to Aust / NZ standards for SLIP RESISTANCE VALUES.
  • ‘Designing for aesthetics and functionality’.
  • Heelguard Stainless Steel Grating and Tray System: [LCARate EcoPOINT 0.48], GreenRate Level A
  • Directly contributing to the Declaration with Global GreenTag International MSD (Modern Slavery Declaration)

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Modern Slavery Declaration

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