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Tile Insert Floor Waste?  Get Grate and Drain Inserts For a Seamless Finish to Your Shower, Bathroom and Beyond!

Tile insert drain and grates for floor waste in Bathrooms, Showers, Sliding doorways, Outdoor Patios, Garages, Pools, and any area where water drains are a necessity. And, now, they are almost invisible with a seamless finish which is an outstanding solution to keep the decorative lines of your marble finish bathroom, or the hard wearing look of stainless steel, brass, ceramic, bronze, and any floor type that needs to drain, and look great at the same time!

Square and Linear Grate Inserts for Seamless Finish

You need a drain grate that does the job but does not look odd amongst the grandeur and style. Our stainless steel tile insert linear grates are exactly the ones for such places. It has a sleek modern finish that makes it blend with the surroundings and the options on hand ensure that you make the right choice of square or linear grate inserts to suit the style and theme. These linear grates are perfect for those who do not want their grating system to take away the glory of the decor. Of course, for those who do want to show off their drainage grate, consider our Gold and Chrome PlatedColoured or Perforated Grates.

The Tile Insert Shower Grate Advantage

A completely functional system that portrays what it is, as it is. A tile can be inserted in the centre of the actual drain with provisions for the water to escape through the slits around the sides. The highlight is that the tiles provided here can match exactly with the type of tiling or flooring in the chosen area. This will ensure that it does not look different but identicial to just another tile on the floor but for a tiny gap around it. For example, If it is installed as a shower floor grate, it will look like just another tile on the shower floor. Hence, the architectural aesthetics of the place can be maintained without a having to compromise on the functional advantage of a high water escape drain.

Available in both 304 grade stainless steel and 316 marine grade stainless steel, a complete functional draining system without being seen is right at your disposal.

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