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Printed Shower Grates for a Custom Design?

YES! We supply printed wedgewire grating for the aesthetic advantage!

Colours, images, designs, patterns, photos, pictures and so much more…

Already our stainless steel wedge wire shower floor grates are engineered and fabricated to the highest quality, making it the obvious choice for a bathroom or wet area.

Now we bring the additional benefits of custom designed, high grade laser printed wedge wire grating and drainage accessories.

Consider the design freedom and amazing concepts that can be delivered using this technology! You can print just about anything on our laser printers for custom designs that will blow your guests out of the water!

Comes with the same satisfaction rates as our other stainless products. We want our products used in your home for years to come.

Laser Printed Wedge Wire Grates

If you are renovating, or have a space that needs enhancement, make use of our laser printed wedgewire surface drainage system;
It will become a feature, no just necessity, to your bathroom, shower, patio, driveway, public and municipal space, etc, to last for years to come!
We offer a range of products that cater to the size and design requirements, as well as your budget and expectations, of your next design project.
Contact us today to find out more!

For more information call Paige Stainless today!

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