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Curved Linear Drainage Grates

If you are looking for a drainage solution that efficiently manages surface water while following the smooth lines of curved features, then curved linear drainage grates are the ideal choice.

Like regular linear grates (also known as channel drains, trench drains, line drains or strip drains) this curved iteration has a number of applications. Curved linear drainage grates are effective in collecting water and diverting it away from unwanted areas, with the added benefit of complementing curved designs

Accompanied by seamlessly fitting curved channels, Paige Stainless’ curved linear drainage grates epitomize form and function integrating a sleek heelguard grate and a wholly stainless steel construction for optimal durability and easy of installation.

At Paige Stainless, we pride ourselves on delivering superior products, manufactured right here in Australia, backed by 20 plus years of experience in the industry. As the manufacturer, we offer highly customisable solutions. Our curved linear drainage grates can be configured for a variety of channel depths, load classes, lengths and radius of the channel unit, ensuring that there is a suitable option for any drainage requirement, be it driveway, balcony, walkway, or ambitious water feature. Indoor. Outdoor. Public and commercial spaces.

Our curved linear drainage grates have been the solution of choice of builders, architects, and even artists, of renown. The grates have featured in a plethora of high-profile projects locally and internationally including W Hotel (Brisbane), The Star (Sydney), and West Palm Beach Water Feature (Florida, USA)

Straight and Standard or Custom Curves?

Both straight and curved linear drainage channels and grates play a crucial role in efficiently collecting and directing surface water safely away from areas prone to accumulation. While straight linear grates are the standard choice, curved linear drainage grates offer unique design possibilities and can be tailored to suit specific curved form.

Paige Stainless curved linear drainage channels and grates are ideal for fitting a range of attributes, including curved entrance doors, windows, balconies, pools and retaining walls. Our bespoke curves seamlessly complement these surfaces, providing effective water management without compromising the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Matched to the unique requirements of your project, our curved drainage channels can be customised in terms of size, length, radius and overall design.

Paige Stainless curved linear drainage channels and grates are made from high-quality stainless steel. The advantages of this enduring material is its environmental benefits, durability, as well as its quality and smooth visual appeal. In fact, when compared against polymer concrete products that are often used in similar applications, stainless steel is the more sustainable option by composition, processing and material longevity.

Stainless Steel - Sleek, Safe and Strong

At Paige Stainless, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior product. We choose 304 or 316 grades stainless steel as not only a sustainable material, but also its:

  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Impressive durability (making it a long-lasting solution for drainage needs)
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Sleek aesthetic

Creating Grate Curves

At Paige Stainless, we create great curves by material and manufacture. All our products are manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards, as well as our own stringent standard.

Our curved linear drains feature PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD®, a medium designed with safety in mind, including:

  • Slip-resistant nature
  • Designed to prevent toe-entrapment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in pedestrian-heavy areas.

These quality materials, superior construction, and in-built safety features make Paige Stainless curved linear grates a safe and reliable choice for residential properties, public spaces, and commercial areas.

Customising the Curve

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, Paige Stainless is well equipped to assist you in ensuring that you have the right product for your drainage needs and aesthetic goals. With a skilled team of experts, we work with you through the details to the finished product.

Our curved linear drainage grates can be customised in all aspects from width and length to, the all important, curve/radius. As a standard, our channels range in width from 100mm to 300mm, clear opening. Length of channel and grates is as per requirement. We offer a range of outlets sizes, and cover load classes through A – D. Channel depth varies according to load class, and wire profile / gap supplied to suit the application. Importantly, grate and trough are curved to all custom radius and shape.

All our curved linear grates feature 3mm thick trays, a full perimeter bar on grates and fully welded outlets and end caps. Additionally, the grates can be fitted with lifting handles for easy care and maintenance, concrete ties and levelling, built-in fall, and lockdown grates to prevent vandalism.

Paige Stainless Fabrications – THE curved Heelguard Wedgewire manufacturer. 

Paige Stainless curved linear drainage grates are practical, efficient, durable, and can be used to create striking aesthetics or seamless organic spaces. As a highly customisable product of unmatched quality, it is little wonder the product enjoys national and international popularity. 

Let us help you take your project to the next level. Contact the helpful team at Paige Stainless on +617 5499 1511

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No one else has manufactured Heelguard to the Architectural Industry for over 20 years to the Australian Design Standard!

  • 100% Australian Owned.
  • Material selection covering grade 304 & 316.
  • Certification available upon request.
  • Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)
  • Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)
  • Grates Aligned to Aust / NZ standards for LOAD RATING.
  • Grates aligned to Aust / NZ standards for SLIP RESISTANCE VALUES.
  • Our Heelguard stainless  steel grate and tray plus grate and frame systems product has undergone Full GreenTag Certification (Global GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level A Certified) meaning it is both:
  • LCARate Gold Streamlined” and “GreenRate Level A” certified.
  • Designing for aesthetics and functionality.
We are the only company to curve wedge wire HEELGUARD channel and grate drainage
We are the only company to curve wedge wire HEELGUARD channel and grate drainage



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