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Parks, recreational spaces and outdoor amenities are a quintessential Australian experience. Most of our fondest childhood memories are from time spent at outdoor public spaces. In cities, these outdoor experiences relate to forecourts at market precincts, riverside or seaside esplanades, and boardwalks, public playgrounds and parklands.

Good landscape design pays special attention to the ‘image of the place’ (Lynch & Lynch, 1960). In outdoor recreational areas, landscape architects and designers put a lot of thought in how pathways are placed. How feature elements intersect with a pedestrian’s wayfinding experience. How street furniture is placed to create rest points or viewpoints. How nodes and junctions are created to invite public gatherings. How boundaries and fences are placed to create a sense of enclosure and privacy.

To ensure that the design maximises people’s outdoor experiences, issues around public safety, aesthetics and durability are key. To ensure functional efficacy, good design relies on carefully chosen fitting and fixtures. Effective fittings and fixtures work discreetly allowing the focus to remain on key elements. For example, well-maintained pathways rely on drainage channels that run quietly along. Awe-inspiring water features are enshrined amidst drainage grates that suck away spills. Picnic spots are kitted out with comfortable tables and chairs. Waste and water are taken care of by discreet collections points


At Paige Stainless, we fabricate a range of landscape fittings and fixtures to make your design scheme shine. From linear drainage grates to street furniture, our products ensure maximum efficiency, visual appeal, and ease of installation, care and maintenance. Solely focused on the use of stainless steel, we specialise in custom fabrication. Our products for the landscape design market include, but are not limited to, the following:

Tree grates:

Tree grates are essential to most landscape schemes as they work towards protecting trees from pedestrians and keep detritus away from pedestrian’s feet. Paige’s tree grates have been installed all over Australia. We custom make tree grates in any form, shape, size and colour.

Walkway grating, stairs and platforms:

We can custom make each of these items on a project by project basis. Paige walkways, stairs and platforms are highly suited to a variety of outdoor environments such as seaside esplanades, beach playgrounds, riverside boardwalks and so on due to the material properties of stainless steel. Our installations can go in-ground or be raised depending upon design needs and structural requirements.

Linear drainage:

Our linear drains come in standard lengths, but can easily be manufactured to custom specifications (including curved linear grates). Our speciality product CLICK DRAIN ® , offers the double benefit of modularity and customisation for building and plumbing convenience.


We can custom make bollards to secure and separate pedestrian traffic from vehicular traffic. The material properties of stainless steel lend themselves to create an added sense of strength and safety for pedestrians.


We custom fabricate handrails for stairs, platforms, enclosures to suit AS standards around fair and equitable access. Given that public handrails come in contact with a lot of hands, stainless steel poses an easy-to-clean handrail option for high standards of hygiene.

Street Furniture:

We can custom make a variety of street furniture products such as tables, chairs and so on. If your project needs a designer touch, contact usto discuss your requirements.


We are a 100% Australian owned, family company. From its conception in 1993, Paige Stainless has shown its focus and commitment to the industry. So give us a call now and let’s have a chat.


Lynch, K., & Lynch, K. R. (1960). The image of the city (Vol. 11). MIT press.

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