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Paige Stainless was approached by the principal builder Shape Group to advise on the design and manufacturing logistics for the water feature destined for the grand entrance to The Star Sydney. The design team at Paige Stainless went to work on the task, keeping in mind the parameters required by the architects and clients for function and presentation of the water feature.

The design utilised PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® which supplied a superior ‘open area’ for maximum water throughput for the catchment area, as required for the successful operation of the water feature. Our design incorporated the collection tank, substructure for the grillage and centre stage area with in the water feature.

Star City Pyrmont Sydney

Dimensional scope

  • The water feature spanned 8 metres diameter with a 2 metre diameter centre stage x 500mm high shell.
  • The grillage was made in a pie segment format x 14 individual sections for maintenance and ease of removal of the sections for inspection / cleaning purposes.
  • The water feature shell was also made in segment form and welded together on site.
  • Delivery logistics had to be a focal point of design as the complex was fully operational during the upgrade. Under the guidance of the Shape Group, collectively we made provision for specific delivery times and material management to make for a successful transition from truck to site.
  • We had to meet CLASS A loading for functionality reasons. This was achieved through our design team and practical tests.
  • Tonnage of plate in total @ 3 tonne supplied by ASSDA member Austral Wright steel.
  • Tonnage of RHS @ 560 KG as above.
  • Tonnage of grillage @ 2.2 tonne Paige Stainless.
  • Water throughput @ 30,000,00 litres was the water capacity of the tank we designed, in turn this water had to be pumped some 15 meters vertically to the water feature jets, recirculated through our PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® and reused whilst the water feature was in operation. The key here was to create minimal ‘splash’ during the process, our grillage being ideal for the job utilising its unique wedge design.

Manufacturing scope

The water feature body was made at our Caboolture manufacturing facility in component form due to the shear finished size being too big to transport. Each component was shipped down to Sydney and assembled on site by our fitting team.

The material chosen was 4mm thick grade 316 stainless steel for the collection tank, with RHS bearers for the grillage, and PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® for the catchment area.

Due to the public nature and local environmental laws Paige Stainless used ‘citric acid’ for the welded areas as our medium for passivation.

Project Snapshot

  • Client: The Star Sydney
  • Principal Builder: Shape Group
  • Architect : Dwp Architects
  • Commencement Date: Feb 2019
  • Finish Date: May 2019

The following images courtesy of The Star Sydney.

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No one else has manufactured Heelguard to the Architectural Industry for over 20 years to the Australian Design Standard!

  • 100% Australian Owned.
  • Material selection covering grade 304 & 316.
  • Certification available upon request.
  • Wheelchair compliant AS1428.2 (part 2 clause 9C)
  • Cycle safe AS 3996 (clause 3.3.6)
  • Grates Aligned to Aust / NZ standards for LOAD RATING.
  • Grates aligned to Aust / NZ standards for SLIP RESISTANCE VALUES.
  • Our Heelguard stainless  steel grate and tray plus grate and frame systems product has undergone Full GreenTag Certification (Global GreenTagCert™ GreenRate Level A Certified) meaning it is both:
  • LCARate Gold Streamlined” and “GreenRate Level A” certified.
  • Designing for aesthetics and functionality.
We are the only company to curve wedge wire HEELGUARD channel and grate drainage
We are the only company to curve wedge wire HEELGUARD channel and grate drainage

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