Paige Stainless Stewardship program

It is our intention to wherever possible, provide our customers with the  information that….

  • Heelguard Stainless steel grates that are no longer required in service can be returned to the manufacturer (Paige Stainless) for recycling
  • Paige Stainless grates that have been made incorrectly albeit thru customer miss information or the manufacturing processes can be returned to Paige Stainless for rectification.
  • Existing grates (all types) that are to be replaced with Paige Stainless Heelguard can be redirected to Paige Stainless for appropriate disposal and or recycling.
  • Paige Stainless Heelguard grates that would suit refurbishment rather than replacement can be returned for this process at the manufacturer’s discretion on condition.