A well-crafted staircase brings style, beauty and functionality to your space. Apart from aesthetics and functionality, staircases must be strong, reliable and safely take you up and down!


Traditionally, staircases have been built with stone, timber, concrete, even bamboo! They come in all shapes and sizes – dog-leg, spiral, half-round, winding, straight. Some have landings, some don’t. Some have open treads for a light, floaty look. Some are solid and boxy.


In Australia, the choices you make regarding the material, design, shape and construction are governed by the provisions of the National Construction Code, Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. These codes and standards set out minimum requirements, specifications, design and technical procedures for building and construction works. The codes and standards tell you how wide your staircase can be, how many steps can you have in one flight, how wide your landings must be, and so on. The relationship between the width of each tread and the height of each riser is set out. The design of handrails, balusters and balustrade all must conform to the codes and standards in order for you to receive your fit- for-occupation certification. It may seem daunting at first, but a clever designer knows how to tick all the boxes with respect to a client’s needs and compliance regulations.


If a client needs good clean lines, easy to maintain surfaces, strength and durability, then stainless steel is a good material choice for both internal and external staircases. It lends itself to custom fabrication, easily meets Australian compliance regulations and offers an attractive, fresh, contemporary and modern look.


Paige Stainless Fabrications is a Queensland based stainless steel fabricator. Based on design requirements we can custom make any component of a staircase – treads, risers, hand rails, balustrade and balusters. We specialise in heelguard grating made with Australian stainless steel wedge-wire. heelguard grating brings added safety to your staircase’s walking surface, as does its slip resistant surface. It allows water and debris to easily pass through. It is easy to clean because it drains very well. Most importantly it is safe for heels.


All these features make our stainless steel, heelguard fabrications ideal for any indoors or outdoor spaces. They look good in any setting – be it a residential, commercial or industrial space. They can be reinforced with slip resistant finish for areas which get heavy foot traffic – like public spaces. They can be plated, printed or coloured. So give us a call if you are designing an internal residential staircase or a public external staircase; a Quintessential Queensland staircase or an Ideal International staircase; a Classic Clean or Neo-modern Prototype. No matter what your design style is, we have a product for you!

We are Queensland based, but we can bring our services to you anywhere in Australia. We have also executed well-acclaimed international projects.