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Platforms and Decks

Decks and platforms are another surface covered by PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ®. Chosen over the years as the company to furnish public areas, industrial facilities and private venues Paige Stainless’ trusted products can also be applied to decks and platforms for water drainage and aesthetic purposes. Often water accumulates on these surfaces and can be a cause for concern if work or recreation is a frequent occurrence. The addition of a drain to a deck or platform ensures that a safe surface is provided for pedestrians no matter what the weather or conditions are like.

We have been recognized by leading architects, designers, and builders due to our superior knowledge and first-hand experience in design, logistics, and functionality of these products. We offer a service that starts from concept, design thru to full CAD drawing service using state of the art facilities to help customers visualize the finished product in 3D model format. From here we also offer a full site installation service.


Recreational facilities like the Andrew Boy Charlton (ABC) pool complex in Sydney City is a facility that utilizes Paige Stainless Heelguard for its visitors. Aquatic facilities are perfect for our product as the conceptual design allows for installation to occur given almost any dimension. Designed by Lippmann and Associates, the ABC pool complex is an award winning facility that takes expertly crafted products into great consideration. Paige Stainless was chosen to work with Lippmann on the design and concept of this award winning complex. The grillage to the pool was installed to create the illusion of a `gang way` to the pool, portraying a ship like appearance in Wooloomooloo bay. Refer to the ASSDA article below for more information about the project.

Another leading project utilizing PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® is in the YHA building in the rocks area (Sydney). This project was designed by the architect to implement grates with Heelguard properties as well as allowing natural light to filter through the substrate. As a leading choice for the YHA building our Paige Stainless product was immediately chosen and applied to the building.  The entry to the YHA is completely manufactured from our HEELGUARD product, under witch is a walking history lesson naturally lite by day and LED light by night showcasing Sydney’s history through our grillage.

Situated in the West Mead District sits the recently upgraded Coca-Cola administration building. Using Lippmann and Associates once more PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® was used for our top of the line grating for the internal stairs and outdoor deck area. The grades ran the full length of the building and employed a design platform enabling multiple groups to walk across in a high traffic scenario safely and effectively. Again natural light was played upon for an added aesthetic appeal that was so important to the image of such a large company. All products were manufactured locally in our Caboolture facility in Queensland and shipped down to the site to complete the job.

In 2009 Paige Stainless was commissioned to include the Heel guard design to The Pyrmont area in Sydney’s CBD. This commission was a perfect application of our Heel guard product as it was important for the park to include functional features such as grates to coincide with the beautiful views of the harbor bridge. Installed adjacent to walkways our 316 grade stainless steel was used to create an added level of beauty while functioning as an important safety feature for water runoff. PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD ® was specifically chosen for this environment because of the harsh conditions it can withstand over time. In addition to the grades adjacent to walkways Paige designed and installed a stairway and platform to follow the rock face to levels above. Wedge wire was custom designed and cut to accommodate this unique application as it was cut to “hug” rock irregularities.

These are just a few of the major projects for decks and platforms that Paige Stainless has been commissioned to design and install. Our high quality product and trusted customer service goes above and beyond your project. We want to help you design and create a masterpiece of your own that is not only functional, but will withstand the conditions over time. Ask us about our Heelguard product made especially for decks and platforms today!

For more information call Paige Stainless today!

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