Corona Virus Impacts on Imports?..Time to buy Aussie made!

Corona Virus is having a huge ripple effect on economies, international trade, and right down to small business.

While the drainage industry has been impacted, particularly given the heavy reliance of products out of China (particularly limited supply of composite drainage products), at Paige Stainless it is business as usual.

Our facilities, unaffected by social distancing, are still manufacturing our premium Australian made stainless steel grates and associated HEELGUARD drainage systems, and we have reserves on hand!

If you are in need of a new supplier, with your usual products unavailable, here’s why you should make the switch to our stainless steel grates today:

Australian made – ensure supply and support our economy in the process

Hygienic – Stainless steel is an easy clean non-porous material and therefore the hygienic grating option. If you want to take it a step further, then go gold. If you ever needed an excuse to buy gold grates, here it is – gold is even less porous

Globaly recognised quality stainless steel grates – Grates is what we do and we do them Great. We take pride in producing a better stainless steel product, by design and manufacture. Our products are used internationally for some of the most demanding installations!

To find out more about stocking or using our stainless steel grates, contact our helpful team today!