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Heelguard Grates

Heelguard Standard Grate Range. All styles available in Class A – D Aust Std. Grade 304 & 316

Classic Heelguard

The introduction.. 5mm aperture / 3mm wide linear profile.


Slip resistant heel guard 5mm aperture / 5mm wide linear dimple profile.

Paige Stainless Heelguard

Timeless in style and function 5mm aperture / 5mm wide linear profile.

Broadline Heelguard

A different view` 3mm aperture / 5mm wide linear profile.


Greeentag certificationHeelguard Stainless Steel

Grating and Tray System

[LCARate EcoPOINT 0.48],

GreenRate Level A

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Our Products

Stainless Steel Grates


From shower stalls, shower drain grates, tile insert floor waste, patios, pool surroundings, driveways, balconies, pits, storm drainage, recreation or parks, Paige Stainless offers limitless possibilities for your unique drainage projects, both for domestic and commercial properties, and industrial or civil applications.

Civil / Industry

When you picture a linear surface water drainage system, what do you see? For those who live in cities that receive quite a bit of rain you probably picture a long, semi-wide drain that spans the sidewalk or street collecting water and averting annoying puddles from your daily commute.

Floor Grates & Entry Mats

PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD® grates have a broad scope of applications thanks to their unique characteristics, foremost their usage is driven by their hydraulic properties as well as being safe for high heels.

Threshold Drainage

Threshold Drain System

Water making its way into indoor spaces is problematic. Besides the risk of accidents, such as slips and falls, long-term pooled water can create crevices and cracks, compromising structural integrity of the space.

Balcony Drainage Systems

Balcony Drainage

No doubt about it – outdoor environments are exposed to the elements. Beyond the beating sun, balconies, terraces, patios and other outdoor areas are exposed to rain, often wind driven, or in copious volumes.

Pool Grates

At Paige Stainless Fabrications, we realise that a swimming pool is an oasis – a space synonymous with relaxation and leisure – whether it be a mere a break from the day, or from the working year (such being the case with an annual holiday).

Access Covers

Access Covers

Often the ground under our feet is teeming with subsurface passages. The passages, ducts or trenches can carry service wiring or cabling; plumbing or drainage; mechanical heating/cooling shafts; ventilation or airing channels.

Pit Grates

More than just a pretty face, our stormwater pit grates offer a sleek visual appeal, with added functional benefits, compared to existing products in this space.

Linear Drains

Linear Drains

Produced for architects and designers Made for the building and plumbing industry


Domestic Grates

In the context of an Australian home environment, water is needed in multiple spaces. Kitchens, laundries, bathrooms, showers, and toilets are examples of indoor spaces that are fitted out with a dedicated water supply.


CLICK DRAIN® is the pinnacle of intelligent drainage solutions. Developed using PAIGE STAINLESS HEELGUARD®, CLICK DRAIN® has grown into a full stainless steel drainage system. Unlike other channel grating systems, CLICK DRAIN® uses this century’s technology for ease of onsite fitting and a seamless result.

Intro to Paige Stainless

Welcome to Paige Stainless Fabrications.
Established in 1993, we have serviced the drainage industry for 20 years as Stainless Steel Grate manufacturers in Heelguard & associated stainless steel grate systems. We are recognised by major builders and leading architects for producing the highest quality, Australian made, wedge wire grating.

Wedge wire grating, also known as linear grating, has various applications in the stainless grating and drainage industry, including such things as: Stainless Steel Grates, Shower grates, Bathroom grates, Pool grates, Balcony and Patio grates, Driveway grates, Strip drains, and anywhere wet area drainage is required.

We are a 100% Australian owned, family company. From its conception in 1993, Paige Stainless has expanded to being the `’light house’ for supply in the heelguard wedge wire drainage market. Our focus and commitment to the industry, by way of continuous supply of quality product, is apparent. Our product is found and specified both nationally and internationally.

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