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Often the ground under our feet is teeming with subsurface passages. The passages, ducts or trenches can carry service wiring or cabling; plumbing or drainage; mechanical heating/cooling shafts; ventilation or airing channels.

Access covers are installed on the surface to hide these subsurface service points. Access covers can prevent unwanted elements (like water into an electric cable), or unauthorised access. They may also be used to keep some things in (such as offensive odours).

Access covers can be used anywhere – roads, pavements, footways, car parks, driveways and internal floors. Different types of access covers come with various design features. for example, some can be lifted up by just one person for those who work independently and others have been purpose-built for frequent use. They can either be hinged or lifted out with the aid of customer engineered lifting keys for ease of use.

The majority of access covers tend to be square or rectangular. They are designed to suit indoor and/or outdoor use and have traditionally made from galvanised steel or aluminium. Access covers can be installed in many types of flooring including ceramic tiles, concrete, granite and so forth. If you are on the market to find an aesthetically unobtrusive, subtle product, then the ‘infill cover’ is a good option for you.


An infill cover is a type of access cover which is designed to be filled with the same material as the surrounding floor. When an infill cover is installed, all a passer-by can see is a 5mm thick metal line which belongs to the frame of the access cover. It has two parts – one is the frame which is installed inground. The second is a trough which fits into the frame on the bottom and takes in a slice of the flooring material on top.

At Paige Stainless, we make our infill covers out of stainless steel. We use only the highest quality of stainless steel and can recommend the right grade based on your application and environmental requirements (304 or 316 grade). Stainless steel provides a cost-effective solution for access covers, since it is durable and long-lasting. Unlike the alternatives, stainless steel is a more aesthetically pleasing material, making it the ideal choice in locations where visual appeal and attention to detail are desirable.

Thanks to our capabilities of custom fabrication, we can custom fabricate the ideal infill access cover for your project needs, including multipart. Should you require it, we can also custom manufacture stainless steel pits.

Contact us today to discuss your unique access needs.

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