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Linear drainage grates are trending! Also referred to as channel grates, strip drains, trench drains or line drainage, this functional drainage style offers efficiency and aesthetic appeal to indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Paige Stainless we specialise in Heelguard grating systems. The beauty of Heelguard grate and tray drainage systems is that, not only do they benefit from the length of catchment area of the stainless steel channel, the triangular shaped wires of the grating further promote drainage efficiency. This unique profile of the grating allows similar sized particles easily flow through the grill, while larger particles remain on the surface for easy disposal. In short – our stainless steel grate and tray assembly make for superior drainage, suited to a range of applications including industrial, civil, commercial and residential settings.


Our stainless steel linear grates and trays are well suited to many contexts and surroundings. Some popular examples include:

  • Driveways and backyards
  • Pools, patios and surrounds
  • Water features, fountains and parks
  • Professional landscapes, parklands, botanical gardens, golf courses
  • Civil drainage applications

Channel grates can be used with a variety of flooring and ground surfaces. The metallic look and feel of stainless steel brings out the beauty of the surrounding flooring material be it, stone or ceramic tiles, pavers, gravel, pebbles or lawns. They can be installed along walls, or be “free-standing”. They can also be inserted in transitional spaces – bottom of a slope, between changing floor surface, doorways and so on


Our product stands out in the channel drainage market. Unlike other products in the outdoor and civil drainage space, our products offers the superior aesthetics of stainless steel, the consumer safety of heelguard grating, coupled with the durability that is demanded in these given environments.

Our products are Australian made using high quality stainless steel, to our strict design and construction standards. These factors ensure that each of our products can take on strong and harsh outdoor weather conditions, making it ideal for external installation. Furthermore, our grates are suited to indoor application, from residential bathrooms, through to industrial and high use environments.

The strength and durability of stainless steel make it ideal to take on heavy loads associated with pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This makes our products well suited to civil, commercial and transport applications as well.

Additionally, the stainless steel look and sleek linear design lends style and substance to our installations. This factor makes it an ideal choice where a premium or luxury aesthetic is required.

To highlight some features, our products are

  • Durable, strong, corrosion resistant, long lasting and heavy duty.
  • Heelguard and slip resistant grating
  • Install flush with the surrounding flooring or ground surface, to lift aesthetic finish
  • Temperature resistant, crack resistant, frost resistant, UV stable
  • Modular and configurable – see CLICK DRAIN ®
  • Attractive and clean aesthetic
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Often project requirements fall outside of standard ranges. If your design calls for a bespoke, tailor made system, Paige Stainless can deliver! With a team of designers and full CAD drafting system, our team will work with you to fabricate a custom solution for your needs. Our bespoke grate and tray systems include custom lengths, corners, curves and beyond.

For more information call Paige Stainless today!

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